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Showreel and Portfolio Videos

Showreel and Portfolio Videos




Portfolio Breakdown

About The Plan

As Producer and Composer on The Plan


This song is performed by hiphop artist Toni Zen. It is colaboration between Nino Vaskov and Ilija Cvetkovski - Iki,
It is produced and composed by this two briliant people. You can check out Iki's profile and portfolio here.

Time on Frog Island

As Composer on Time on Frog Island


Shipwrecked on a strange Island:

A terrible storm ravages the seas around you, casting your mighty vessel into the perilous rocks of a nearby island.
You awake to find your ship in pieces, shipwrecked on a strange island filled with… frogs?

A spaghetti network of trades will take you all over this strange island as you seek out materials to fix your boat. You will meet a cast of friendly characters, solve head scratching puzzles, find hidden treasures, and much more as you explore the world of Time on Frog Island.

About The First Note

As Producer and Composer on The First Note


This song is performed by hiphop artist Toni Zen. It is colaboration between Nino Vaskov and Ilija Cvetkovski - Iki,
It is produced and composed by this two briliant people. You can check out Iki's profile and portfolio here.

About Chimparty

As Audio Director on Chimparty


Customize and control your very own silly monkey as you compete to be top banana in this collection of 18 mini-games and 90 levels – with multiple modes and a exciting board game format to round off the fun.

Perfect for all the family, it’s easy to play together with phone-based, one-button controls. Enjoy mini-games set in the jungle, haunted castle, pirate harbour and more, as you jump on bongos, swing on branches and collect lots of fruit.

About Frantics

As Audio Director on Frantics


Frantics is all about 15 whacky mini-games for up to four players, where you’re competing in everything from frenetic action arena brawls to strategic turn based competitions.


About Fleka Collective

As Music Producer at Fleka Collective

Bands are my first love. I've build my taste for music from the underground scene and experimented with musicians since young age. The experience i've gained to do this project.

This project has been build from ground up by me and my respected colleague Toni Petkovski aka Toni Zen. After finishing the production on the album "Mikro Skopski Organizam" we decided to do a band.
The band at the beginning counted 11 members, however there are members coming in and out depending on the requirement and conditions.

In this project I had multiple rolls.

About Movie Karma

As Composer on Karma

Movies are such a challenge when it comes to composition, arranging and even music production.
It takes a lot of courage and patient to work on these projects.

If I had to choose only one direction for developing my ongoing carrier I would not even hesitate. It would be movies. I would dedicate completely  to this process, I love seeing as I like working on movies.

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About Stereo Records

As C.O. and Record Producer in Stereo Records

This label was made to deal primary with Hip Hop, Rock and Pop Artists.
The most success in Stereo Records activity was 6 weeks no.1 on MTV Adria for the song "Svetot e Tvoj"
in translation "The World is Yours" by Toni Zen in collaboration with Bobo and Tamara Todevska.
Today the Label is inactive till further notice.


Nino's Personal Concepts

Who am I?

I am music producer and composer. 
During the day I work as a composer in Copenhagen based game dev company, Half Past Yellow.
At night I produce Hip Hop / Pop artists. 
Check out my unreleased music on my SoundCloud.


Original Music

Orchestral, electronic, ethnic, jazz, pop, and beyond. Collaboration with many amazing studios, I'll make sure to have the perfect match for your project.

Sound Design

Explosions, creatures, weapons, engines, UI, footsteps, foley, ambiences, walla, bleeps, bloops, and all manner of sounds.

Dialogue, Voice Over

Voice casting, direction, recording, and editing. I'll find the best actors for your project and handle all aspects of voice over production from start to finish.

Sonic Branding

Looking to give your company that instantly recognizable sound. A unique identity is essential.

Audio Programming

I design custom audio tools and plugins for audio middleware and game engines. 


Wwise, FMOD, Unity, Unreal, and more.



Copenhagen, Denmark


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